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Ensuring Your Athletics Facility Is Free of Pathogens

Spraying and wiping down your athletic facility can only go so far in ridding your athletics facility of contagious and harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses. To ensure that your facility is safe for your staff, trainers, and members, is it vital that you choose an effective and efficient disinfection method such as UVC light. At Sterilaser™, we offer a variety of UVC light devices that work to keep every area of your facility clean and safe for everyone.

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Where to Utilize the Sterilaser™ High Output In Your Athletics Facility

  • Floors/Mats
  • Restrooms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Sauna/Spa
  • Tanning Room
  • Weights
  • Benches
  • Equipment
  • Door Handles
  • And More!

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Benefits of the Sterilaser™ High Output Handheld UVC Unit

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Protects Your Staff and Members

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Offers Peace of Mind

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Destroys 99.7% of Pathogens

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Helps Keep Your Facility Safe

The Science of UVC Light

UVC light is an advanced method of utilizing rays similar to the UV rays emitted by the sun to neutralize pathogens. As UVC light passes over bateria, germs, and viruses, it causes a mutation to the microorganisms that causes them to no longer be able to reproduce or infect humans.

At Sterilaser™, we have discovered ways to utilize this UVC light through easy-to-use devices that disinfect your athletics facility quickly and effectively. Contact our team today to learn more about UVC light and our UVC light devices!

Sterilaser handheld UVC Unit

Sterilaser™ UVC Light Devices for Athletics Facility

  • Floor Unit — The Sterilaser™ Floor Unit can be used to quickly and effectively clean floors and mats throughout your facility.
  • Room Unit — Place the Sterilaser™ Room Unit in the center of a space or room to disinfect an entire area of your facility quickly.
  • Chamber Unit — The Sterilaser™ Chamber Unit can be used to disinfect small objects such as equipment and personal items.
  • Handheld Unit — The portable and compact Sterilaser™ Handheld Unit is perfect for disinfecting athletic equipment and door handles.

Order Your Sterilaser™ UVC Light Device Today

Our Sterilaser™ UVC light devices are the better way to clean and disinfect your facility as it is proven to be 99.7% effective against common pathogens, including COVID-19. Are you ready to take the next step towards having a safe athletics facility for your staff, trainers, and members? Order the Sterilaser™ UVC light device that fits your needs today!

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