Sterilaser™ Chamber Unit

Disinfect Objects, Equipment, and Personal Items Instantly

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Disinfect Any Equipment or Personal Item in an Instant

The Sterilaser™ Chamber can be used to disinfect any object quickly and reliably. With two powerful germicidal lights, exposed surfaces will receive up to 3,500 mW/cm² of germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) light, stopping harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses (including COVID-19) in as little as 15 seconds.

Sterilaser Floor Unit UV Disinfection

The Benefits of Disinfecting With a Sterilaser™ Chamber Unit

  • Neutralizes all pathogens in 15 seconds or less

  • Ability to disinfect items almost instantly, rather than throwing them in a “dirty” pile

  • Less wasted equipment that could otherwise be reused if not for the risk of spreading pathogens

  • Less time lost to disinfection requirements

  • Expensive equipment can be shared again because of the almost instant disinfection

Chamber Unit

Protect Your Employees, Technicians, and Lab With Our Chamber Unit

Disinfecting individual items has been a wasteful endeavor throughout the pandemic. Nobody will ever know how many sanitation wipes and how much extra time was spent wiping down everything from pens to microscopes, but it was certainly time and resources lost. As we continue to deal with the COVID-19 virus, one way that labs, doctor’s offices, schools and other facilities can help eliminate that waste is with a UV light disinfection box — or chamber unit — from Sterilaser™.


How Our Products Destroys Covid-19 and Other Pathogens

With Sterilaser™, the most ancient of all anti-bacterials is utilized — the sun. Or, more specifically, a certain band of the sun’s rays. UV light, and most notably UVC light, works against bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and neutralizes them. The UV light does this by attacking the DNA and RNA of the microorganisms that could do us harm. Intense UVC rays cause mutations and the inability to reproduce in the microorganisms, so they can no longer infect humans. Discovered more than 140 years ago, Sterilaser™ is one of the first to bring this discovery to the market in a way that can be utilized for almost any setting or object.

Sterilaser™ products work with UVC light and provide it in convenient forms so that you can efficiently disinfect surfaces, objects, and entire rooms of bacteria. Between our floor unit, room unit, and chamber unit, you can get 360 degrees of coverage for almost any space or item.



  • Dimensions: Base: 12"d x 14"h x 48"

    Opening: 7 3/4"h x 36 1/2"w

    Weight: 28 Pounds

    Power: 120 VAC, 60Hz

    Lamps: T5 High Output, 54w, UVC, Up to 10,000 hours

    UV wavelength: 254 nm

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How The Sterilaser™ Chamber Unit Makes Your Life Easier

Keeping your equipment safe from pathogens is more important now than ever. As important as it’s always been to protect your employees, patients, students, and others, COVID-19 has shown a particularly aggressive spread throughout a facility, community, or classroom. However, life and work remain, and you can’t take time out of every day to wipe down everything from pens, laptops, and microscopes.

With the Sterilaser chamber unit, you can easily disinfect multiple pieces of equipment at once in just a matter of seconds. If you’ve been wiping down an entire classroom or lab’s worth of equipment, that’s money lost in time and supplies, the chamber unit will allow you to disinfect all of that equipment in just a few minutes total. It could also help you reduce your waste levels back to normal, if you’ve started using disposable items since the pandemic started. Ditch the disposables with an easy disinfection solution.

In the COVID-19 era, the chamber unit from Sterilaser™ can help you meet the stringent sanitary standards you may now be facing, but it’s also an investment that any medical or scientific facility should make. Regardless of COVID-19, there are certain things that will always expose your facility to the possibility of a sickness spreading. If you share equipment that many people touch every day, the Sterilaser™ Chamber Unit can help keep you safe from the worry that you’ll have any viral or bacterial infection spread by your equipment.

Treatment Times To Disinfect Items With UVC Light.

Different Pathogens require different exposure levels of UVC for them to be neutralized. The STERILASER™ chamber unit delivers 3,500 mJ/cm² per second. For reference, here is a partial list of the energy needed for the most common bacteria, viruses and mold. If there is anything not listed below that you would like information for, please contact customer support at (833) 244-2039.


Choose the Sterilaser™ Chamber Unit UVC Sterilizer Box

Keeping you and your employees, students, and other facility members safe has to be one of the top priorities of anyone in charge. For medical facilities, labs, and schools, the reality of infectious disease makes disinfecting products a necessity, and there’s no other product that offers your equipment more foolproof and all-around disinfecting than a UVC light disinfection box like the Sterilaser™ chamber unit. Order yours today for years of infectious disease protection and no more wasted time on disinfection.

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