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Keeping Your Church Building Free of Pathogens

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many churches were not able to meet, especially not in the traditional way. With the use of UVC light devices, you can ensure that your church building is disinfected and safe for your staff and congregation — allowing you to hold regular church services once again.


Where to Utilize Sterilaser™ Devices Within Your Church Building

  • Childcare Centers

  • Restrooms

  • Public Areas

  • Sanctuaries

  • Pews/Chairs

  • Offices

  • Production Equipment

  • Door Handles

  • Kitchen

  • Gym Floors

  • And More!

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Benefits of the Sterilaser™ UVC Light Devices

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Keeps Your Staff and Congregation Safe

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Offers Peace of Mind

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Destroys 99.7% of Pathogens

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Quick and Easy to Use

The Amazing Power of UVC Light

UVC light has proven to be effective by interacting with bacteria, germs, and viruses and neutralizing them. When the specific UVC light rays pass over the microorganisms, it causes mutations within them — making it so that they can not reproduce or infect humans.

At Sterilaser™ we have completed extensive research on UVC light to discover the best way to utilize it in disinfecting a variety of surfaces and objects. With our wide range of UVC light devices, you can easily clean everything within your church building. Contact our team at Sterilaser™ today with any questions about UVC light or our disinfecting devices!

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Sterilaser™ UVC Light Devices for Your Church

  • Floor Unit — The Sterilaser™ Floor Units can be used to easily clean all the floors in your church building, from carpeted rooms to gym floors.

  • Room Unit — Our Sterilaser™ Room Units can be easily placed in the center of a room to quickly disinfect the entire room and it’s contents.

  • Chamber Unit — Utilize the Sterilaser™ Chamber Unit to disinfect equipment that is used within your building from week to week.

  • Handheld Unit — The Sterilaser™ Handheld Unit can be used to disinfect everything from countertops to door handles.

Order Your Sterilaser™ UVC Light Device Today

Whether you are needing to disinfect large areas or small objects, our Sterilaser™ UVC light devices are here to help you do so efficiently and effectively. Order the unit that fits your needs today to get started!

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