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Disinfect Wrestling, Gymnastic, and Yoga Mats

Get Fast, Easy COVID and Pathogen Protection For Your Floors

Taking disinfection seriously for the athletes in your gym or the customers at your studio has always been important, but it’s now so more than ever with COVID-19 presenting a more contagious and dangerous threat than we’ve seen since the Spanish flu. With a Sterilaser Floor Unit, you can disinfect your mats or floors quicker and with more efficiency than ever before. Read on to learn more, and order your Sterilaser Floor Unit today.

Sterilaser Floor Unit

The Benefits of Sterilizing Your Mats and Floors with Sterilaser:

  • Over 53,000 microwatts of germicidal light

  • Neutralizes over 99% of pathogens, from COVID-19 to ringworm

  • Takes just a .25 seconds of pass over time to neutralize germs

  • An entire 40’x40’ mat can be disinfected in just 4 minutes

  • Assurance you’ve covered the entire surface area of the floor or mat

Stop Germs in Their Tracks With the Sterilaser Floor UniT

In this day and age, we know that disinfecting is more stressed than ever, but if anything, it reinforces that gym owners and schools have been right to take caution throughout the years in order to ensure that their athletes are safe. Another thing it reinforces is how cumbersome it can be to repeatedly disinfect large areas. Many school systems and gym proprietors are looking for a better way — with Sterilaser™, you’ve found one!

Two men using Sterilaser Floor Units

How Our Products Neutralize Covid-19 and Other Pathogens

Around 140 years ago, Arthur Downes and Thomas Blunt discovered the antibacterial properties of the sun. They then found that UV light, and UVC light in particular, had the ability to neutralize bacteria. It was a monumental discovery, as all this time later we still haven’t found anything else as fool proof and protective as exposing the area or object in question to UVC light.

Sterilaser™ products work by using this same technology and providing it in convenient forms so that you can efficiently disinfect surfaces, objects, and entire rooms of bacteria.



  • Base: 6" x 22" x 48", Handle: 39" x 18"


  • 28 Pounds


  • 4 x 3" Swivel Casters


  • 120 VAC, 60Hz


  • 4 x T5 High Output, 54w, UVC, Up to 10,000 hours

UV wavelength

  • 254 nm
Gymnast on mat, woman cleaning mat with sterilaser floor unit

How The Sterilaser™ Floor Unit Ensures Success

While there are other products out there that you can use for disinfecting, they all leave something to be desired in terms of effectiveness. Few have the 99.7% pathogen elimination success rate that our UV sterilizing light does, and none of them are close in terms of guaranteed coverage and proper use.

With other germicidal options — sprays and solutions — you have little to no way of knowing what ground you’ve covered. Whether the people disinfecting the mat use their hands or a mop, brushstrokes will almost always leave you with areas of the mat that weren’t covered. There’s just no way to ensure the job has been done fully. The Sterilaser Floor Unit allows you easy visual confirmation that you’re covering the entire space.

Beyond that, many products have multiple steps to follow, which can include wetting down, spreading solution, drying the area, clearing the solution, and more. If you don’t follow these steps correctly, your entire application may be useless. On the other hand, using Sterilaser’s rolling UV light sanitizer can guarantee almost complete eradication of any pathogens that might be present.

Man using sterilaser and close up of sterilaser in action

How to Most Efficiently Disinfect Your Mats and Floors With Sterilaser

Ensuring success with the Sterilaser™ Floor Unit is as simple as paying attention to what you’re doing. Getting complete coverage with the Sterilaser™ Floor Unit takes a similar approach as getting an even cut when you’re mowing your lawn. Here are the steps:

  • Turn the unit on from a corner starting point and begin to go back and forth, making sure to overlap the wheel lines or edge of the unit as you do
  • Continue this, walk at a normal pace until finished with the surface area you’re disinfecting
  • Put it away!

That’s it! That’s all there is to using the Sterilaser™ Floor Unit. No complicated steps, no drying or down time, and the ability to do it simply with just the push of a button and a few steps.

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Choose Sterilaser For Your School or Gym

In the day and age of COVID-19, disinfecting is more important than ever, not only for the health of your team or customers, but also for the entire world. Using a Sterilaser Floor Unit gives you certainty that you’re doing your part to stop the spread of COVID-19, it’s variants, and other diseases among your community, students, and customers. Order your Sterilaser Floor Unit today, and get the peace of mind that you’re protected.