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Keeping Your Manufacturing Facility Safe and Clean

Manufacturing facilities is something that many have not thought much about. That is, until they were unable to manufacture enough of certain products throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Between supplies running short and lack of cleanliness, many manufacturing facilities were forced to shut down — at least for a certain time period. With the use of Sterilaser™ UVC light devices, you can ensure that your manufacturing facility is disinfected and safe for not only your employees, but also the stores and consumers that are receiving the products from your facility.

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Where to Utilize Sterilaser™ Devices Within Your Manufacturing Facility

  • Manufacturing Areas

  • Offices

  • Restrooms

  • Break Rooms

  • Inventory Warehouses

  • Distribution Areas

  • Manufacturing Equipment

  • Products

  • Door Handles

  • And More!

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Benefits of the Sterilaser™ UVC Light Devices

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Destroys 99.7% of Pathogens

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Offers Peace of Mind

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Quick and Easy Disinfection Method

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Keeps Your Facility Safe and Clean

How UVC Light Works

Our Sterilaser™ units utilize UVC light — similar to the UV rays emitted by the sun. This UVC light has proven effective in neutralizing bacteria, germs, and viruses that are commonly found throughout a manufacturing facility.

As the UVC light passes over an area, it causes a mutation in the microorganisms that stops them from reproducing or being able to infect humans — making the surface or object safe to touch and use. Contact our team at Sterilaser™ today with any questions about UVC light or our devices.

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Sterilaser™ UVC Light Devices for Manufacturing Facilities

  • Floor Unit — The Steriliser™ Floor Unit is the best way to efficiently disinfect the floors of your facility.manufacturing areas, restrooms, and offices.

  • Room Unit — Quickly and effectively disinfect an entire room or space with the Sterilaser™ Room Unit.

  • Chamber Unit — Our Sterilaser™ Chamber Unit is perfect for disinfecting small objects and equipment that are prone to bacteria and germs.

  • Handheld Unit — The Sterilaser™ Handheld Unit is our portable and compact unit that is perfect for disinfecting larger equipment and high touch surfaces.

Order Your Sterilaser™ UVC Light Device Today

While the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of keeping things disinfected, it is something that should always be a focus within your manufacturing facility as this is a place where spreading of contagious and harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses can occur in vast numbers.

Are you ready to take your manufacturing facility’s disinfection process to the next level? Order the Sterilaser™ UVC light device that best fits your needs today to get started making a difference within your facility.

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