Medical Facilities

Disinfect Waiting Rooms, Exam Rooms, Public Areas, and More!

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Keeping Your Medical Facility Free of Harmful Pathogens

Medical facilities — whether hospitals, clinics, or dental offices — require a high level of disinfecting and cleaning protocols, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our UVC light devices from Sterilaser™ help to ensure that your medical facility is properly disinfected and safe for medical staff and patients alike. High level cleaning and the prevention of the spreading of contagious diseases is going to help us get back to living life with a sense of “normalcy”.

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Where to Utilize Sterilaser™ Devices Within Your Medical Facility

  • Waiting Rooms
  • Examination Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Public Areas
  • Restrooms
  • Door Handles
  • Handrails
  • Break Rooms
  • Offices
  • Medical Equipment
  • And More!


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Destroys 99.7% of Pathogens

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Offers Peace of Mind

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Quickly and Easily Disinfect

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Keeps Your Staff and Patients Safe

The Science of UVC Light

UVC light uses rays similar to that of the sun to neutralize bacteria, viruses, and germs. As the UVC light passes over these pathogens, it creates mutations within the microorganisms — making it so they are no longer able to reproduce. In addition, this mutation makes it so the pathogens are not able to affect humans — eliminating the spread of contagious diseases.

Our team at Sterilaser™ has worked tirelessly to develop efficient, easy-to-use UVC light devices to make it easy for medical facilities to disinfect surfaces and ensure the safety of their staff and patients.

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Sterilaser™ UVC Light Devices for Your Medical Facility

  • Floor Unit — The Sterilaser™ Floor Unit can be used to quickly and efficiently clean the floors of long hallways, rooms, labs, and offices.

  • Room Unit — Our Sterilaser™ Room Unit can be placed in any room or space of your medical facility to thoroughly disinfect the surrounding area.

  • Chamber Unit — The Sterilaser™ Chamber Unit makes it easy to clean equipment and small objects that often collect bacteria and germs.

  • Handheld Unit — Utilize the compact and portable Sterilaser™ Handheld Unit to easily disinfect a variety of objects and surfaces.

Order Your Sterilaser™ UVC Light Device Today

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought awareness to the importance of disinfecting medical facilities, especially as they continue to operate during the heightened times for quick-spreading diseases.

Ready to change the way you disinfect your medical facility? Our Sterilaser™ UVC light devices are designed to quickly and effectively rid objects and surfaces of harmful and contagious pathogens — including the COVID-19 virus. Order your unit today to get started!