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Stop COVID-19 and Other Pathogens in Your Facility

We are proud to introduce our germicidal ultraviolet UVC Sterilaser™ Room Unit! Over 99% of all harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses (including Influenza and COVID-19) are destroyed in minutes! Easy to use and rugged construction makes the Sterilaser™ Room Unit perfect for gyms, yoga studios, health care facilities, classrooms, locker rooms, bathrooms, and more!

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The Benefits of Disinfecting Your Facility’s Rooms With a Sterilaser™ Room Unit:

  • Destroys over 99% of harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses

  • Complete disinfection coverage for the entire room

  • Easily portable from room to room

  • Helps keeps your employees, students, customers, patients, or inmates safe

  • Can help eliminate outbreaks that may tarnish the reputation of your facility

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Get Complete Coverage of Your Facility With the Sterilaser™ Room Unit

Disinfecting your facility from top to bottom may have previously been a figure of speech, but the reality after the COVID-19 pandemic might have you taking it more seriously. With the Sterilaser™ Room Unit, you can make it so your room has guaranteed coverage. Simply place the unit in the center of any empty room and let it do it’s work. The UVC light will work to kill any pathogens in the area, with most taking just minutes to neutralize and even the most insidious — like black mold — being neutralized in no time.


How Our Products Nuetralize Covid-19 and Other Pathogens

Just about 140 years ago, scientists discovered that the sun had antibacterial properties. Arthur Downes and Thomas Blunt saw the ability of UV light to neutralize bacteria all by itself. While the entire answer is extremely scientific, the simple answer of how UV light neutralizes germs is by attacking their DNA. The UV light in units like ours acts as a germicidal by causing photo-chemical reactions in the DNA and RNA of pathogens, which causes mutations and the inability to reproduce in the various microorganisms that can make us sick.

The result is, that by applying the right amount of UVC light for the right amount of time, you can neutralize practically any pathogen. Whether it be a virus, bacterial infection, or fungus that’s spreading around your facility, using our products will help ensure that the spread slows and eventually stops. With the right care, you can almost guarantee yourself all around coverage.

All of our Sterilaser™ products work with this same technology and provide it in convenient forms so that you can efficiently disinfect surfaces, objects, and entire rooms of bacteria. Between our floor unit, room unit, and chamber unit, you can disinfect practically anything and rest assured that it’s been effective.



  • Dimensions: 20" x 20" x 49.5"
  • Weight: 28 Pounds
  • Mobility: 4 x 2" Swivel Casters
  • Power: 120 VAC, 60Hz
  • Lamps: 8 x T5 High Output, 54w, UVC, Up to 10,000 hours
  • UV wavelength: 254 nm

How The Sterilaser™ Room Unit Ensures Success

While you’re no doubt familiar with a number of disinfecting options, times like these require a higher level of assurance in complete disinfection. Cleaning solutions and wipes, no matter how effective when used optimally, can’t match the efficiency that the Sterilaser™ Room Unit offers, because there’s no way to ensure you’ve covered the entire area.

A UV disinfection lamp has the advantage of neutralizing pathogens everywhere the light falls, meaning that if you clear a room out so that nothing is blocked by anything else, then the entire room should be completely disinfected. No amount of wipes would give you that assurance. A UVC light sanitizer allows you to see the coverage of an entire room. As long as you’ve moved it around any objects, such as bedding, and have ensured that all sides and surfaces of the room are exposed, then you can be comfortable that everything has been disinfected.

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Treatment Times and How To Use A Sterilaser™ Room Unit

The Sterilaser™ Room Unit is intended for use in UNOCCUPIED AREAS ONLY. Under no circumstances should this unit be permitted to operate with humans, plants, or animals present in the Operation Area. Consult our UV Application Specialists if you have any questions or need help with the Sterilaser™ Room Unit.

  1. The Sterilaser™ Room Unit should be located in the approximate center of the room and targeted surfaces must be directly exposed to the ultraviolet rays. It is important to remove items from direct line of sight that would block or shield UV rays from striking targeted surfaces. Depending upon the configuration of the space, and what specific disinfection you are looking to achieve, it may be advisable to operate the Sterilaser™ Room Unit on each side of large fixed objects (like a bed, or table, etc.).

  2. Measure the longest distance from the Sterilaser™ Room Unit to the farthest object to be disinfected. Use this length to compare to the Distance From Fixtures / Time shown on Figure 1 below. If a greater dose is required, increase treatment time.

Choose the Sterilaser™ Room Unit For Your Facility

If we ever needed a reminder that we’re still human, and that modern medicine can’t prevent everything, then we got one with COVID-19. Disinfecting has always been important, and now it’s critical. Order your Sterilaser™ Room Unit today, and go with confidence that your facility just became safer and healthier.

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