Sterilaser™ Products and Peace of Mind

With COVID-19 and its rapid spread, disinfecting is more important than ever. Being the first virus to truly become a global health issue since the Spanish flu, COVID has left us searching for ways to achieve better, faster disinfection. With Sterilaser™ UVC light sanitation products, you’re implementing the best known technology for eliminating pathogens. Ditch the wipes and sprays, and get complete assurance when you disinfect with Sterilaser™.

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How Sterilaser™ Does Disinfecting Better:

  • Sterilaser products have been shown to eliminate 99.7% of all present pathogens

  • Our products greatly reduce time spent disinfecting

  • Our products, when properly used, can ensure complete disinfection — every inch of a room and every side of an object

  • Sterilaser is a “Green Technology,” and unlike other chemicals or solutions that disinfect, microorganisms cannot develop a resistance to UVC light

  • UVC light is always effective in neutralizing pathogens, there’s no complicated steps to follow, just a few simple safety measures

Get to Know Our UVC Light Disinfection Products

UVC light first came to our attention as an antibacterial and antimicrobial solution almost 140 years ago. Scientists discovered that sunlight could keep bacteria from growing, and eventually they narrowed down its effects to the most important component of sunlight — UVC rays. These rays of light produce an electromagnetic energy that stops microorganisms from reproducing and that inactivates microbes by causing cell mutation or death.

While COVID has certainly brought the benefits of all around disinfecting into perspective, it’s far from the only reason to invest in Sterilaser™ products. Because it has such all-around germicidal effects, killing bacteria, mold, viruses, and fungi, there are a huge amount of applications for our UVC light sanitation floor, room, and chamber units. From stopping a STAPH infection from circulating around a school to mold remediation, Sterilaser™ products protect your people, save money, and can be an invaluable asset to your organization or business.

The Simple All-Around Benefits of Sterilaser™


Germicidal Proficiency


Money Saved


Complete Sterilization


Easy to Use

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The Sterilaser™ Floor Unit for Your Athletic Facility

Protecting athletes at your school or business is paramount to their health and your business. As we’re in the midst of COVID-19, we’ve learned how important disinfecting is. It’s helped us work our way to where we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it will be critical to ensure that we never see the same rate of spread that we have with COVID-19. That being said, and keeping in mind all the dangerous viral and bacterial infections already known to affect athletic facilities, a Sterilaser™ Floor Unit is the best way to protect your students, customers, and athletes from any major breakout or even an individual infection.

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Athletic Mats

There are a wide variety of athletic activities that require mats, most notably wrestling and gymnastics. The wrestling mat in particular is a place where many pathogens spread, mostly because infected athletes come onto the mat and leave the infectious pathogens on the mat, then others come and roll on top of it. However, pretty much any athletic mat will have sweat and saliva transferred to it at some point. Running the Sterilaser™ Floor Unit over gymnastic mats and trampolines, yoga mats, and padded gym floors is a great idea in order to protect your athletes as well as your school or facility’s reputation.


Running a studio, whether it be a yoga, ballet, or martial arts practice, almost always involves sweaty people working hard and sometimes hitting the floor. It also involves a ton of rollover for who’s inside the building. Both of these aspects make disinfection critical. With a Sterilaser™ Floor Unit, you can make it quick and easy to disinfect between every class — simply guide the floor unit across your studio at a walking pace and you’re done! That way, you’ve neutralized all the nasty germs dropping off your athletes. You can eliminate your worries about everything from COVID-19 to STAPH and E-Coli spread.


Anyone who’s ever played basketball inside of a gym can attest to the fact that a wet basketball court is a dangerous one. However, while slipping is the main threat, it’s far from the only one. As we play basketball, or other court-bound games, we sweat and our bodies often hit the floor. Pre-COVID, this might not have been as much of a concern, but with infections representing more and more repercussions for athletic facilities and programs Sterilaser™ is one more way to keep your risk of athletes spreading the disease negated.

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The Sterilaser™ Room Unit in Your Facility

When it comes to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, high foot traffic and population turnover areas are some of the hardest areas to prevent against spread. Unfortunately, some of the most important institutions in our society fit this description. For these facilities, investing in a UVC light sterilization product like the Sterilaser Room Unit is the best way to gain peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can. This UVC disinfection lamp, projects UVC light onto every inch of the room it’s in. So if you’ve cleared the room before disinfecting, then you can be sure you’re 100% covered.

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Medical Facilities

Doctor’s offices and clinics never had the option of closing down during the pandemic, and for good reason, but waiting rooms, exam rooms, and basically any spaces shared with the public can become hotbeds for disease. With the Sterliaser™ Room Unit UVC lamp, you can easily disinfect entire rooms in just a matter of minutes. That means that even if patients come in with something, you can disinfect exam rooms in-between patients. Combine that with disinfection of common areas as much as possible, and you’ve greatly reduced your outbreak risk without even so much as a wipe-down.


Keeping schools going during the time of COVID-19 has been a constant challenge, and there are new sanitation standards in place practically everywhere. However, with so many rooms, so much equipment, and so many students, it can be nearly impossible to keep up with wipes and other disinfecting products. Sterilaser™ Room Units are an easy solution, and one your maintenance staff can use while they handle other things. With the right regimen and enough room units, you can be sure that every day starts and ends with a safe learning environment.


As we’ve seen throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, prisons can have a particularly hard time controlling the spread of infectious disease. While this is a problem that’s been highlighted throughout the pandemic, having sanitary conditions is always important to both the health of inmates and in keeping a good name for your prison. Utilizing UVC lamps like the Sterilaser™ Floor Unit in areas where inmates congregate or in individual cells when they’re not in them is a great way to reduce the spread of disease and to know an area has been disinfected before new inmates arrive.


The Sterilaser™ Chamber Unit for Instantly Disinfected Equipment

In areas where equipment is used repeatedly and regularly, employees, staff members, and others have been spending much of their time since COVID-19 started disinfecting their equipment or spending extra money on disposable items to not interfere with workflow. While that may have been an option for the two-week period we once hoped COVID-19 would last, it’s clear that those practices aren’t beneficial for the long term. With a chamber unit from Sterilaser™, you can disinfect equipment in seconds and stop wasting money on disposables.

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If you run a scientific lab of any size, then you know that lab equipment is expensive, especially when it comes to tools like a microscope or more advanced technology. Many labs don’t have this equipment in excess, so they need to be able to be shared. With a UVC light sanitizer box like the Sterilaser™ Chamber Unit, you can disinfect these items in a matter of seconds and be sure not a spot was missed. With more common items, such as beakers, you can disinfect a large batch in a matter of seconds, rather than the considerable amount of time it might take otherwise.

Doctor’s Offices

Similar to a lab, a doctor’s office has lots of expensive equipment and lots of items that are used frequently and could be used on multiple patients. The Sterilaser™ Chamber Unit is a UVC light disinfection box that can help you avoid money lost on supplies and the time that your well-paid associates spend cleaning. With it, you can disinfect in large batches and make sure every object has been completely disinfected.


While not typically dealing with equipment that’s as expensive and complicated as a doctor’s office or a lab, schools still struggle to have enough supplies for their students, whether that be with rulers, laptops, gym, or science equipment. Having a light disinfection box, or a few of them, in your school provides an easy way for teachers to disinfect equipment. Even if they have classes back-to-back, because of the few seconds it takes for disinfecting, a teacher could take care of an entire classroom of laptops or microscopes with just the time in-between classes.

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At Sterilaser™, we offer truly all-around disinfection options. Use our products properly, and you’ll be eliminating 99.7% of pathogens from the room or item they’re used on. Get peace of mind and the most foolproof disinfecting method on the market with Sterilaser™.

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